Download “Pyramid Lite” today …

LustenauPyramid-sliceIt’s a free — and very effective — resource for exploring sustainable development.
Pyramid 2030 is the AtKisson Group‘s global initiative for promoting and supporting engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs, which are being adopted by all the world’s countries, under the auspices of the United Nations).

Pyramid 2030 makes our “Pyramid Lite” workshop tool available to everyone, free of charge, as a way to explore the SDGs.

We encourage local communities, companies, universities, schools, organizations and groups of all kinds to download the manual and presentation slides, and then run this fun, engaging and highly interactive workshop. The workshop has been used hundreds of times, in dozens of countries.

The SDGs set 2030 as the deadline for achieving 17 ambitious global goals. The Pyramid 2030 initiative supports the UN process by encouraging people to also develop their own local Sustainable Development Goals … for their school, company, institution or community.

Be part of it!
Anyone who can facilitate a group can run a Pyramid 2030 workshop. So sign up, download the easy step-by-step workshop manual, find a group to work with, set a date … and run a workshop! It’s free, simple, fun, and very engaging. And every workshop helps move the world a tiny bit closer to sustainability. Start the process today!

– The AtKisson Group