Welcome to Pyramid 2030

LustenauPyramid-sliceWelcome to a global workshop campaign for sustainable development!
Pyramid 2030 is a volunteer-driven, global-scale campaign in support of creating and achieving Sustainable Development Goals. The campaign encourages local communities, companies, universities, schools, organizations and groups of all kinds to run an engaging and participatory workshop called Pyramid to explore sustainability and create new sustainability goals and initiatives.

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Why 2030?
We are closely following the United Nations process of developing Sustainable Development Goals for the world. These goals have 2030 as their timeline for achieving them. The Pyramid 2030 campaign supports the UN process by developing local Sustainable Development Goals … or by refreshing and renewing those goals we already have, with new ideas, new energy, new commitment.

Be part of it!
Anyone who can facilitate a group can run a Pyramid 2030 workshop. So sign up, download the easy step-by-step workshop manual, find a group to work with, set a date … and run a workshop! It’s free, simple, fun, and very engaging! And every workshop helps move the world a tiny bit closer to sustainability. Please join us!

– The Pyramid 2030 Organizing Team

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