Growing a Global Campaign

Right now, we are focused on growing the Pyramid 2030 campaign. What does “grow” mean? More volunteers, more national contacts, more planned Pyramid workshops … more Pyramid 2030!

And growth is happening. We are rapidly expanding our network of national contacts (we added Hungary and Saudi Arabia this week). We have commitments for workshops in over 20 countries already. And we have new endorsements coming in from very well-regarded international organizations, such as the Balaton Group, a prominent network of sustainability researchers and doers.

Why the focus on growth? Because we want Pyramid 2030 to make the largest possible impact. Our goal is “to stimulate broader and deeper engagement with sustainability and sustainable development.” Broader means more people, more organizations, more schools and communities. Deeper means more lasting and serious engagement with the challenge and the goal of building a sustainable world.

Here on this news channel, and also on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, we will be keeping you updated on the progress of this exciting international initiative.

But to grow more — to get to the point where thousands of people in dozens of countries are experiencing the fun and meaningful exercise of thinking about sustainability, with the aid of a little Pyramid — we will need your help!

So please join us as a workshop Organizer, or as an Ambassador helping to spread the word, or as a Sponsor helping with resources and connections.

Remember, it’s not really about the Pyramid. It’s about adding more human energy to the global effort to make sustainable development a reality.

And that kind of energy can grow, and grow!

Click here to sign up as a Pyramid 2030 volunteer, if you haven’t signed up already!

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