Fine Dining on a Middle Class Budget

There’s dining and there’s dining. The casual spots are the Olive Tree, TGI Fridays and any other fairly decent establishment that rises above fast food.

If you really want to impress your friends, family or business associates with a fine dining experience, it’s important to treat the dining experience to quality. Not only should a fine dining restaurant present you with a beautifully decorated space, they should also present you with a well-rounded menu that makes you want to come back for more.

TGI Fridays

If it’s Friday and you’re in the mood to eat out, it’s a good idea to go to TGI Fridays. This restaurant has been making its way around the mid-Atlantic region, delighting more and more locals with each location. Every inch of the restaurant is decked in linens and colors of the late 1800’s. The menu is Americanized, but the food is genuine Americana.

tricky business

If you are going to eat out on a vacation, one of the best ways to avoid any skillfully-prepared meal is to avoid anything remotely resembling a restaurant. You may find yourself contemplating what to order when you get to the nice restaurant youria.

The best way to avoid giving a meal to the chef is to limit yourself to a snack. This way, you will not be adding to the expense. You will also be avoiding adding to the responsibility of the server, who will be tempted to ask “do you have anything else for me?”

Another way to limit expenses while still adding a little luxury to your stay is to plan ahead. Determine a theme for your food trip. Apply to all restaurants in the vacation the color and theme of their décor can be projected onto their food. endogenous and indigenous designs work well for outdoor meals. Use light, let work serpents, candles and soft light.

The time of year that you are entertaining will determine much about the food you eat. In the dead of winter some folks are more concerned about calories than they are about the quality of the food, and might opt for a hearty meal of steak and potatoes or a light meat and salad. In the summer, a lighter meal is the order of the day and you will have more than enough to worry about.

These are just a few ideas. Your family vacation will be more enjoyable if you do some preplanning and set a nice table with elegant wines, careful with selections of entrees and desert. Dishes that require a sauce or rice or noodles are best planned in advance, and trips to the grocery store for such ingredients should beDAY ONLYMAKING%.

Travel TipsFor European travel, traditional routes are usually the best. Use the Internet to research local conditions, and choose a restaurant based on reviews. The Internet is full of exciting information, so using a little preparation and good strategies for traveling in Europe can majorly benefit the experience, without having to over spend.


The calendar of Europe is aWho’s Who of world music. Each country has a unique culture that is truly reflected in their cooking.

Hungarian goulash is a gourmet recipe that is known for its use of paprika. The Hungarian version of goulash differs from the Dutch original in that it is a broth rather than a sauce, and is prepared with changes in the preparation process.

The French have a very refined pallet, and you will not find many wild lettuce recipes in their traditional dishes. In fact you might find that many of the fish recipes now have a hood of some sort over them to prevent them from dripping over the food. This is an important element in keeping the fish moist.

The Spanish have absorbed the influences of many other cultures that have influenced their way of life, and this has clearly shown in their cooking as well. Their dishes tend to merge some of the flavors of the peoples from throughout the world. Something as simple as a chorizo and liver paella recipe will be a fusion of styles from several countries.

The kitchen is another place where traditions have been transferred from one culture to another. The dining habits of the French have been going on for centuries. The way Frenchmen have cooked has evolved into one of the most admired across the world. The somewhat complicated process of preparing a meal by means of butter and white wine has inspired many to cook Scotan food.

The Scottish have been influenced by the method of cooking Old Wives’ tales. Scotland has always had an excellent climate for producing game, and game has been a part of every meal prepared in Scotland since the establishment of the Scottish gentry. Then comes the carefully prepared meals of the Irish.

The French have influenced the whole of Ireland since the establishment of the Irish church. The Irish have now composed their own traditions concerning Irish food.

The most famous Irish food worldwide is the Irish Stew.