How to Get Low Fare Air Asia Ticket

If you love traveling, you must have heard thousand times about low fare Air Asia. Renowned of being an LCC in its origin regional, the airline has spread its wings not only to several countries nearby but also to another region of Asia. See, if years ago you would only see AirAsia flights within South East Asian countries, now the red-and-white airline flies a long way to several East and South Asian countries: Taiwan, China, South Korea, and India – although the flight is not always direct.

Planning your cheap travel should start with smart spending for a plane ticket. That’s what AirAsia sees from backpackers or budget travelers, and that’s what they are offering: cheap fares! Now that you start to wonder how to get low fare Air Asia, let’s talk deeper about it. Grab your chips, sip your coffee, and get ready to prep your bucks for that long-dreamed and less-costly Asian travel.


How to Get Low Fares in Air Asia?

Given its status as LCC, one of the best features of AirAsia is its inexpensive ticket fare. Thanks to their understanding team, promotional ticket fares are often found on their booking page.

It sounds good already? Of course it’s that easy to find promotional ticket fares on their booking page. For a detailed step-by-step, you may refer to this procedure below:

  1. First of all, connect your PC to the internet. Or, simply download AirAsia mobile app since you can make a booking via mobile app as well.
  2. When you’re already online, launch your browser and visit When you’re on mobile, simply open the app.
  3. If you haven’t got any AirAsia member account, create one. Usually, members get better deals than non-members – that’s one good point to follow.
  4. Now begin your hunting: set your origin and destination city, set the date, and set how many passengers you are searching the flight for.
  5. As you start the search, you will be shown several ticket prices for the destination and date you’ve set earlier. Promotional fare will usually be shown on the uppermost place. There will usually be a written note under the shown promo price ‘Selling fast’.
  6. Simply click on that price and proceed by clicking ‘Continue’. Doesn’t it sound like a fun thing to get cheap plane fare?

Once you’re there, you can proceed by choosing your add-ons, filling out the passenger details, and paying the ticket using your preferred payment methods.


Other Tricks to Purchase Cheap Tickets in AirAsia

  1. Get a coupon code

Coupon has never been living without love, and our love towards discounting coupon runs deep. Talking about it, do you know that AirAsia offers promotional coupon codes? If you have one coupon code, you should benefit from it.

There is no lengthy procedure about it. Just insert it on the defined field before you begin your flight search, and voila! Make sure that you comply with the eligibility stated for such coupon code. Otherwise, you won’t get the chance.

  1. Redeeming BIG Points

BIG Points is that kind of reward for AirAsia members that have already made a previous purchase. How does this points-thing work? Well, it’s pretty simple.

As you made an in-app purchase, you will get a point for every several Ringgits spent. The exact number of spending depends on what kind of payment you are using; and as several resources said, credit card purchase typically offers greater points.

  1. Book your ticket early

It’s no longer a secret that the closer you are to the departure date; the chance of getting a cheery-cheap promo ticket fare will be lower. Although that doesn’t always be the case, booking your ticket early will ensure you have plenty of time to research.

You know, flight ticket fares aren’t dormant; it’s definitely subject to fluctuation every several hours. If you are to purchase an impromptu ticket, which means you may miss the chance to grab the lowest fare ticket for the chosen flight.

  1. Compare and compare

Consider going to several ‘vendors’. You should not be restricted only with the official AirAsia booking page to purchase your plane ticket. Try researching in various trusted channels, but it’s advised not to go with travel agents or untrusted online booking channels.

That is why in order to grab low fare Air Asia, you need to spare enough time to research. The early bird may get the worm, but that doesn’t apply if you want to get the best deal when promo tickets aren’t available. So, take your time, be patient, and keep eyeing on that promo ticket. Who knows that the airline will offer a promo later?


Perks and Minuses of Purchasing a Promo Flight

Aside from knowing how to purchase low fare AirAsia ticket, you’ll have to know several aspects as mentioned below.

The perks of purchasing a promo ticket
  • Cheap price

What is the benefit of getting a promo ticket flight? It’s an easy thing to answer: cheap flight! You pay less than everybody is paying, who won’t love that?

  • Advance booking

Since a typical promo ticket is only for early bird(s), it’s a sure thing you won’t get late to purchase your flight. Doesn’t it sound like a good point? You will have a lot of time preparing for other things, like your own baggage, booking accommodation, or delving more about the destination’s wonder.


The shortcomings
  • You cannot change your add-ons

Given that you are purchasing a promo flight, you can’t change your purchased add-ons. So, if you plan to taste aircraft meals, you can’t pre-book it after the booking is finalized. That said, you have to buy it while on-board, which is more expensive in nature.

  • No refund policy

Promo flight takers may find it annoying, but most LCCs with promotional ticket fares are doing so—you can’t take back your money if you cancel the flight.

  • There is no add-ons promo

‘Promo’ term is only limited to the plane ticket only. That said, you will still be required to purchase baggage, meals, etc. if you want to. Plus, there’s no promo for such add-ons; meaning you’ll still have to spend literally the same amount with other people for the additional ‘purchase’.

To sum up, what are the tricks to get low fare Air Asia? You can refer to the stated information above: be it by directly trying to find a promo ticket on the official website, including a promo code, redeeming your hard-earned BIG points, or even hunting for it by conducting a mini-research. Also, try to find cheaper prices outside the official website. By doing so, your chance to get the best AirAsia ticket deals will be bigger.