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Read our Interim Report on the Pyramid 2030 initiative, from 2014. This 16-page report gives you inspiring stories from around the world, including the story of the world’s biggest Pyramid (Calgary, Canada), the smallest (Paris, France), and numerous “firsts,” such as the first Pyramid workshops in Austria, Czech Republic, Cuba, and other countries.

The Pyramid 2030 Interim Report confines itself to documented workshops that have been reported to us, but we know that many workshops happen that we don’t yet know about. This report is just the tip of the iceberg (or maybe, the tip of the Pyramid!).

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Report on the Pyramid 2012 Campaign


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At the close of the Pyramid 2012 Campaign — a shorter initiative timed to support the Rio+20 UN global conference on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro — we produced a comprehensive report on the impact of over 80 documented Pyramid  workshops around the world. That report is still a good source of information and inspiration for people interested in using Pyramid and in engaging with the Pyramid 2030 initiative.

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